Create JNDI for a new DB in IBPM

In this post, I would put steps on how to create a JNDI for a new DB to be connected from IBPM (aka lombardi). Below are the steps to create a new JNDI:
  1. In a web browser, bring up the WebSphere Administrative Console. For example, https://localhost:9043/admin. The port number may be different in your environment. You can look in the <WLE_HOME>/AppServer/profiles/Lombardi/logs/ProcessCenter01 Service.log file to determine the port number.
  2. Log in as tw_user. The password is tw_user. Alternatively, if you don’t see admin privilege once you logged in try login as admin (password: admin) as shown in  Figure-1.

IBPM Knowledge base Urls

There are a variety of sources of knowledge and information related to IBPM. This section captures some of the more important ones. When a question or puzzle on using the product comes to light, the chances are extremely high that the answer can be found in the existing documentation, forums, TechNotes, RedBooks and articles. The real challenge is searching for the answer is the mass of information available. Here I would like to put few links which might come to rescue when we need some answers.

Product Documentation
The documentation for much of IBPM can be found in the InfoCenter.


How to add Brand Logo to the Process Portal in IBM BPM ???

Below steps might help you add your Brand logo to the IBM BPM Process Portal :

1.) Add Logo image at below location :


Let Name of your file be "logo_XXXXXXX.png".


XML Parsing Script in IBM BPM

This script which is used to parse XML structure to value of a result during database calls. Similar script can be used to parse any XML structure and retrieve values  and store them in lombardi variables.

XML Structure :

Below XML is present in the variable "tw.local.result"

<resultSet recordCount="3" columnCount="6">

How to Enable OnClick Event on Checkbox in Lombardi ?

problem statement : Need to execute an action on click of check box, but onClick event is not responding when added in Events tab of the checkbox. 

document.getElementById('Checkbox3_checkbox').onclick = function() {           varCheckbox3.value = !(varCheckbox3.value == "true");           clearErrorMsg();           try {             
            fcnDVCheckbox3(this, true);           } catch(err) { }           checkAndDisable();  // custom function to be executed onclick of check box.         } similar code snippet will be called internal to lombardi code when a check box is clicked up on. If you want to do some action on click of checkbox, include this script in custom html to override the default script and add the function ( like checkAndDisable()) that we need to execute onclick of check box, as in above snippet.

Note: This sample applies only for Heritage coaches not to the new Coaches in 8.x versions. 

How to perform task Search based on process instance id using script ?

This Snippet of code will help in performing the task search using process instance id in lombardi.

var procName = new TWSearchCondition();
        procName.column = new TWSearchColumn();
        procName.column.type = TWSearchColumn.Types.ProcessInstance; = TWSearchColumn.ProcessInstanceColumns.ID;
        procName.operator = TWSearchCondition.Operations.Equals;
        procName.value = tw.local.processInstanceId;       


Triggering BPD | Various Methods

There are various methods to create initiate a BPD and create instance.The most popular methods are described below:
  • Using the UCA to Start BPD
  • Using WebAPI to Start BPD
  • Using JMS to Stard BPD
  • Using Portal to start BPD
Let us discuss one by one:


BPM and Lombardi


 Layered Architechture

               TeamWorks provides business process governance by leveraging existing legacy systems and data sources within organizations. TeamWorks is not intended to be the master of record nor replace existing systems and data sources, instead it integrates with these legacy assets, as illustrated in figure 1 (left-hand side). TeamWorks is a server-side application and provides its human interface by leveraging thin-client web browser technology supported by modern desktop computers and some hand-held cell phones. Figure 1 (right-hand-side) illustrates how a TeamWorks solution may be divided into a number of architectural layers. Figure 2 (left-hand-side) illustrates where various model artifacts reside within each layer of the architecture. Each layer is responsible for a specific aspect of the solution. These model artifacts are described within other design patterns.


Lombardi Architecture

Terminology  that Comes handy :

Process Center:
Provides a central development environment and repository for multiple process authorsworking in the Process Center Console and other interfaces in Lombardi Authoring Process Center Environment. The Process Center includes a Process Center Server and a Performance Data Warehouse, allowing you to build and run process applications and also store performance data for testing and playback purposes during development efforts.

Process Server:
Executes the processes and services built in Lombardi Authoring Environment, stored in theProcess Center repository, and then installed in a runtime environment.