How to Enable OnClick Event on Checkbox in Lombardi ?

problem statement : Need to execute an action on click of check box, but onClick event is not responding when added in Events tab of the checkbox. 

document.getElementById('Checkbox3_checkbox').onclick = function() {           varCheckbox3.value = !(varCheckbox3.value == "true");           clearErrorMsg();           try {             
            fcnDVCheckbox3(this, true);           } catch(err) { }           checkAndDisable();  // custom function to be executed onclick of check box.         } similar code snippet will be called internal to lombardi code when a check box is clicked up on. If you want to do some action on click of checkbox, include this script in custom html to override the default script and add the function ( like checkAndDisable()) that we need to execute onclick of check box, as in above snippet.

Note: This sample applies only for Heritage coaches not to the new Coaches in 8.x versions. 

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