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There are a variety of sources of knowledge and information related to IBPM. This section captures some of the more important ones. When a question or puzzle on using the product comes to light, the chances are extremely high that the answer can be found in the existing documentation, forums, TechNotes, RedBooks and articles. The real challenge is searching for the answer is the mass of information available. Here I would like to put few links which might come to rescue when we need some answers.

Product Documentation
The documentation for much of IBPM can be found in the InfoCenter.

Web Sites
Some commonly visited web sites on the Internet related to IBPM are:
IBM BPM Home Page - The IBM Internet web page related to the BPM product
IBM BPM Wiki - A fantastic resource of articles on all versions (past and present) on the IBPM product.
The second link will prompt for login and you need to be registered user to access this. It is a free registration.

DeveloperWorks on IBM BPM:

DeveloperWorks is a public Internet based web portal for technical discussions. A large number of papers have been written on IBPM usage and lot many discussion use to happen on various topics in this forum. I wish to produce links for some of the useful topics here.
 source : http://www.neilkolban.com/IBM/

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