Different Process Designers to connect to Same Process center

            One of the advantages in development using IBM BPM (for that matter, in previous version of 7.x and 6.x) is that it is a client server architecture. You install the process center in a single machine (Server) and can connect to that process center just having a client (Process Designer or Authoring Environment) in the machine in the same network that you are working on.

           Lets see how to configure the Process Designer to connect to a Process Center that is installed in a different machine.

           Lets say the process center is installed in a machine with host name GPPR-PC. 
To connect to this process center from Process Designer which is placed in Machine A available in same network, you need to do below configurations:
  • Find the file "eclipse.ini" at the location <installation directory>\ProcessDesigner\v7.5\eclipse.ini
  • Find the Parameter, Dcom.ibm.bpm.processcenter.url which will have the value "http://<<Server Name>>:9080".
  • Change the <<server name>> to name of the machine where Process Center is installed. In this example it is GPPR-PC.
Now try to Connect to the Process Center By opening the Process Designer Login Console. Default Username/Password is tw_admin/tw_admin. It should go through without any problem.

But you may sometimes get the login failed screen as shown below.

error connecting to process center

To Solve this first check whether Process Center is running or not. If not then start it and try logging in. If you still face the problem, that means your machine is not recognizing the host name of the server we provided in eclipse.ini. To solve this follow below steps:

  • Go to the following location : C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • Find the hosts file in the location and add the entry as shown: <<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>>  <<Host-Name>> ( Ex:     GPPR-PC ) and save the file.
Now try to Connect to the Process Center By opening the Process Designer Login Console and it should go through with out any problem.


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