Duplicate Links issue in Process Portal

Duplicate links issue is a well know issue in 7.x versions while promoting the code to the higher environments. Most of the times when  the snapshot is deployed in to the higher environments, the project page links from the previous snapshots are still active and visible in My project sections.
Reason behind this:
Normally when the snapshots is promoted to a higher environment, previous snapshot of the same Process Application will be deactivated. But many a time we might have noticed this is not happening. This is a know issue which can even be found in release notes of the initial versions of 7.x, which is not fixed yet. This generally happens when some of the below action were performed:

  • When instances from the older snapshots (which are not migrated to the latest snapshot) are accessed.
  • When a project page url from older is opened and browser is closed or logged off directly while in the same page and later when some body logged in to the portal after deploying new snapshot, in the same browser with out clearing cache, by default the older url will be accessed and old sanpshot will be activated again.   
I believe, it is only logical to have the old snapshot activated when one of the above actions happened as it has to refer the code base from the older snapshot which couldnot be done with that being deactivated.

Do we have any Work around for this?

Yes we do. Go the Process Admin console and click on the installed apps at the top and search for the old snapshot and click on it.
One can see all the services exposed as project pages. Now just uncheck all the services which are exposed as project pages as shown in the below figure. That's it you are done. You will not see the duplicate links from the old snapshots any more.

Hope this helps.

Note: This seems to have resolved in latest versions of IBM BPM (v8.x ), but if this still seems to be there, one can use the above approach.

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