Auto-Complete using JQuery in heritage Coach

This Post will illustrate an example on how to implement auto-complete operation over a text-box in IBM BPM  Heritage coach (Not the new coach which comes in 8.x versions) using an Ajax service.

Steps for implementation:
Create an Ajax Service which will takes String value as input (variable name: text) and list of String as output and build the require logic inside the service. In this example, let create a service which get the users from LSW_USR table based on the input string value. Input and output structure is as shown in the below figure.

Create human service with a heritage coach, with one input text field (control Id: InputText0). And add a Custom Html and inlcude the below script.

Integrate BPM workflow with a UI in External system

         Many of us are wondering on how to create a BPM Application with User I in an external system. REST API is the first thing that comes to our mind. Create an instance using REST API url and then fetch task ids available for a particular instance using REST API url again and perform the operation on the screen in External system and complete the task by passing the inputs using REST URL. This is the first approach that many of us get to our mind, on seeing the above statement

There is another, yet simple approach came to us when we have this problem in front of us.

Using combination of External Activity, REST API and Message event.

          In the BPD, whenever there is a human interaction needed, place an external activity and attach an intermediate message event to the External activity. Here external activity is just a fool proof activity, to