Auto-Complete using JQuery in heritage Coach

This Post will illustrate an example on how to implement auto-complete operation over a text-box in IBM BPM  Heritage coach (Not the new coach which comes in 8.x versions) using an Ajax service.

Steps for implementation:
Create an Ajax Service which will takes String value as input (variable name: text) and list of String as output and build the require logic inside the service. In this example, let create a service which get the users from LSW_USR table based on the input string value. Input and output structure is as shown in the below figure.

Create human service with a heritage coach, with one input text field (control Id: InputText0). And add a Custom Html and inlcude the below script.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" /> 
 <script src=""></script> 
  <script src=""></script>

 var availableTags;
 function AjaxRetrieveUsers(inp){

 var updateHTML = function(data) {
   availableTags = data['results']; 

  var serviceInputs = "<input name='elementValue'>"
    + "<variable name='text' type='String'>" + inp + "</variable>"
    + "</input>";'GetUsers', serviceInputs , updateHTML);


 $('#InputText0').bind('keyup', function() { 


       $( "#InputText0" ).autocomplete({ 
                source: availableTags  


Our Human Coach with Auto Complete is ready.

Step 3:
Run the Service. You can see the screen as below.


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