Error : You have been automatically logged out for security reasons

Those who are working with IBM BPM  might have seen this error many a time, when you submit a coach or run an exposed service you might see the error message: "You have been automatically logged out for security reasons. Unfortunately, because of this we are unable to save your information at this time. Please run this task again to save your information."

Root Cause
There are several reasons why this error is thrown by IBM Business Process Manager. This document provides a list of all of the possible reasons and resolutions.

The possible causes of the error are:
• You are using a process application that was imported from WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.x and it contains the old system toolkit dependencies.
• The CoachDesigner.xsl file, coach_designer.css file, or both files in your process application are not the stock files.
• You attempt to run the same task and submit the same coach from several browser windows.
• You might have a general Jave™Script syntax error in your coach in a custom HTML block.
• You have changed the URLs in IBM Business Process Manager configuration files after adding a front-end web server.
• You have configured IBM Business Process Manager to work with your Load Balancer.
• The IBM Business Process Manager server is not in the list of trusted sites for Microsoft Internet Explorer

IBM provide several ways to trouble shoot and  resolve the issue. Please follow the below provided link for more information.


How to Create Instance in BPM using Rest API?

There are different Methods to create instance in for BPD in IBM BPM from an external system using REST API.

1. Using Rest API url as shown below. This is the URL which is exposed by IBM BPM via REST API to start a BPD or trigger an instance for BPD from an external system.


In order to Use the above URL one should know the parameters like bpdId, snapshotId and ProcessAppId., which may change every time a new snapshot version is deployed. This is one of the disadvantage of using above method.

2. Another method is to create instance instance using RestAPI Start service method. Below shown is sample url for Start service.


In the above URL POC is teh Process App name and InitiateBPDService is service to be Invoked, which will contain the code to invoke the service.
In this service, we can use Invoke UCA  to trigger an instance for BPD or we can use web api methods in server script to initiate an instance for BPD(click here to see various method of triggering BPD).

Initiate BPD using Server script

Initiate BPD using UCA

You may find below links useful .
Invoke Service via Rest API
Various Methods to Trigger BPD