How to fire a timer in IBM BPM manually?

Many a times during the development cycle or testing cycle we might need fire timers manually (to avoid wait time for timers to trigger by itself) in a process instance to test the reminders or escalations which are usually triggered using the timers attached to an activity in the bpd.

In this post let us look at how to manually trigger a timer in IBM BPM process instance from ibm bpm process designer .

Below screen shot shows a process inspector view of a given process instance, where token is waiting on the activity with timer attached to it. In the 'execution state' tab at the right side one can observe the current state of the process instance. There is one token for Activity1 and one token for timer1.

In order to fire the timer, right click on 'timer1' token as shown below image, an option called 'Fire timer' would appear, just click on the the 'Fire timer' to manually trigger the timer from the  process designer for that particular process instance.

Hope this post is help full !!!

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  1. Hi Pradeep,
    Thanks you for your helpful article.
    I am looking for a way to fire the Timer event by Restful. Could you please give me a advice?

    Thanks in advance.