Working with JSON in IBM BPM

Now a days REST protocol has become very popular for interaction between various system. REST services support both json as well as xml as i/o. In this post, I would like to illustrate with an example on how to parse the json response / json object to retrieve the data and assign it to a tw variable by using json2.js file.
Let us first attach the file json2.js to the files sections under server files as shown below.

Figure 1

Now let create a complex variable type to hold the parsed data from json. In this example, let us consider the below complex variable structure.

Figure 2

Below show is the json structure which we will be using in this example.
var deepObject = {
        "user" : {
          "name": "Luís Landeiro Ribeiro",
          "age": 28,
          "sex": "M",
          "interests": [ "Technology", "Mountain Biking", "People" ]
This json object can be converted to string by using JSON.Stringify(). Below script line can be used to serialize this json to string.

var jsonString = JSON.stringify(deepObject);

Below is the code which can be used to convert the serialized json string to the json Object.

var newObject = JSON.parse(jsonString);
Below is the code which can be used to get the data from the json object and add the data to the tw variable.

   tw.local.user=new tw.object.User();;
   tw.local.user.interests=new tw.object.listOf.String();

   for(var i=0;i<newObject.user.interests.length ;i++){

Below is the screen shot of the server script of the complete json parsing script.

Figure 3

Let us feed this variable tw.local.user to the coach to see the data in the variable after the json is parsed.

Figure 4

Hope this help full !!!
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  1. I am able to download the file from link. Are you getting some error when you try to download?

  2. It seems like it is jsCache.js instead of json2.js when I tried to download

  3. Thanks for pointing that Nguyen. I will update that. You can also find json2.js on web. please download and use it meanwhile

  4. How to create restful service in bpm whi ch accepts media type as a application/json and a request object can help me how to create and to send response with same media type

  5. Hi There, useful article, but it works only if you have a Business Object representing your JSON file. In case of complex JSON you want to parse the json and create a JS object and then assign some attribute to simpler business object. Having a working sample of this part would help