How to use server side variable in custom html script of IBM BPM Coach

In this post, let us look at how display the value from a server side variable on a coach using custom html.

In older versions of IBM BPM i.e., before v8.0 it is easier to both bind a server side variable and access value of server side to a custom html using the syntax tw#local#variable using which a variable can be bound to any input control of the custom html which enables us to get or set the value to or from the variable.
But starting from the v8.0 after the introduction of new coaches and coach view, the above syntax no longer works and it is also not possible to set the value to a server side variable directly from the input control but it is possible to get the value using the below syntax.

Directly in coach :

In Coach view :
 To Access business Data variable:

 To Access configuration variable:


Key Differences between IBM BPM Process Management & Case Management

IBM Business Process manager (BPM) advanced v8.5.5 is now offering basic Case management in its BPM Suite. The basic case management solution is derived from one of the IBM’s offerings called “Case Manager”. It also includes an embedded content repository whose usage is restricted to support the basic case management documents & folders. The restricted use of this content repository can be extended to support unlimited content management use cases with IBM ECM.

Key Differences between Process Management & Case Management

Below are some of the key differences between business process management and case management.