working with documents in IBM BPM

Document upload and download is one of the import use case in the BPM processing. In this post let us look at how to upload a document from the process instance during the process and retrieve the documents corresponding to a given process instance in a standalone human service? What is mechanism used to store the documents in IBM BPM.

In IBM BPM documents are stored using a document store (Out of Box ECM) provided by IBM BPM. It is also possible to connect to an external ECM from IBM BPM. IBPM suite provides a toolkit out of box called Content Management Toolkit which contain some predefined services and coach view to upload and access the documents to and from the IBM BPM document store. The coach view Document List can be used to upload the documents to IBPM document store or for that matter to any External ECM system which is CMIS compliant. In this post let us look at how to upload the documents to IBPM document store from process instance and associate those documents with some unique parameters such as process instance Id and retrieve them in a standalone screen based on the document parameter ( In this case let us use instance Id as document parameter). Below image shows the image of Document List Coach View from Content Management Toolkit. 


Confirmation Dialog on Click of a Button in IBM BPM

In most of the UI applications, display of confirmation dialog when trying to delete some data or cancel the current operation is a very common use case. In this post, let see how to create a coach view with a button which will do this. Below Image shows the confirmation dialog on click of the Delete button.

Confirmation Dialog on Click of Delete Button